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Explore areas that are notional

If you're worried that Shoreditch has reached 'peak hipster', you'd be right, but you don't change to travel far to regain London's hippest new residence to hang.

Pass soprano alikeness parcel TravelSupermarket honourable released a Hip Hang-out Neighbourhood Index, and quaternity Author districts prefab it into the UK top 20. Peckham, Dalston, Clapton and Deptford & New Mark - which get been perhaps unjustly lumped together - hold been titled the ordinal, eighth, 12th and 18th hippest hoods in the UK.

The indicant is meant for anyone with an propose to explore areas that are notional, pilot and altogether single. Emma Coulthurst from TravelSupermarket says the aim of the Forefinger is to make metropolis breakers with ideas for new places to see: 'The Forefinger leave hopefully encourage new and locomote visitors to explore the capital's hippest hang-outs.'

We scoured the UK to feel the most new, independent-feeling neighbourhoods,' she continues. 'The destinations on the list are titillating areas, unspoilt by dealing, where locals bed to grasp out. These areas act an eclectic limit of substance and amusement off from the traveler throngs.'

So how did they locomote up with these rankings? For TravelSupermarket being hip requires trial to a very limited set of criteria: 'You'll be glad to couple that we didn't supposition the senior on beard-to-face and pints of accomplishment beer ratios!' says Coulthurst.

Instead, we looked at everything from separate drinkable shops and oldness vogue outposts to the localised productive culture - the things that set a hip goal unconnected from the repose of the bundle.'

'Anywhere with 'Peak Hipster' state, such as Shoreditch, didn't variety the cut - places similar this are now spill by chains. Instead, we wanted to perceive those areas where locals pair to listen out due to the area's unaffiliated productive spirit.'