Balancing eating pattern and activities

Balancing eating pattern and activities: It has been researched that the only powerful way to keep the body from fatness is managing healthy food pattern combined with balance activities. Adding some movements can lessen the number of fat. Here are some tips not to be fat.

First of all, add your physical activity
For example, do not use the elevator at all times. It is better for you to use the stairs when you want to go upstairs. Also, when you want to visit your relatives or best friends’ house which is only few block from your house, you can go by bike or on foot. Simply, when we have to turn on and turn off the television, little movement of walking towards the TV can help burning the fat instead of staying still by pressing remote control.

Then, doing exercise regularly for about 30 minutes with a three-time frequency a week. Regular exercise can burn the fat which stays in our body.

Then, organize your eating pattern in balance. Eat when you are hungry and stop before you fell full. Stay away from exaggerated food consumption. Remember, every additional calorie is kept in the form of fat which potentially becomes the source of disease.