Queen Victoria Market in Australia

Queen Victoria Market in Australia: Visitors who love shopping must come to Melbourne, the second biggest city in Australia which has only 3,3 million citizens. Queen Victoria market is a shopping center which cannot be left during your visit in Melbourne. This site is located Elizabeth Street number 513.

Queen Victoria Market provides any items thought by people. Around 1000 sellers sell their goods in this 7 hectare square market. This market opens for 5 days a week (close on Monday and Wednesday). The products are mostly daily needs such as meat, fishes, fruits, and vegetables, wine: snacks such hotdog, pizza, clothes: souvenirs such CD and cassette, toys, and pets.

It is true that Australian called this market more than a shopping area. To Australian, Queen Victoria Market is a historical site, tourism attractions, and as an institution to Melbourne citizens. For more than 100 years, this shopping center already serves the need of more than 200.000 people in a week.